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RED MAGNETICS is not a large company and is happy to stay that way. Our target customers are SMEs just like ours. Our focus is primarily on sophisticated design projects though we do also offer standard magnets at very attractive prices.

RED MAGNETICS is a brand of Intertec Components PLC and therefore relies on the entire back-office structures of this traditional company. The logistics, order processing, marketing and much more occurs there so that our team of advisors can deal exclusively with your client projects and requests.

RED MAGNETICS pools all magnetic know-how of Intertec Components PLC. We have been active in this product sector for more than 15 years and have our own production; we work together with selected manufacturers in Germany, Europe and Asia. We choose the product, the manufacturing process, requirements and much more precisely according to your needs, and are therefore able to offer exactly the services necessary for your particular specifications. You only pay for features you really need!

RED MAGNETICS sells standard products in Europe through various catalogue distributors such as Conrad electronics. Our warehouse is located in Freising near Munich and houses all popular designs in various models in large quantities. For that reason, it's possible to ship a model in only a few hours.