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Frame Solenoids (monostable)

Name Stroke Weight Datasheet
ITS-LH 1108-D 4 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LH 1108-Z 4 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LH 1613-D 5 mm 20 g Details
ITS-LH 1613-Z 5 mm 20 g Details
ITS-LH 1513-D 6 mm 26 g Details
ITS-LH 1513-Z 6 mm 26 g Details
ITS-LH 1614-D 7 mm 35 g Details
ITS-LH 1614-Z 7 mm 35 g Details
ITS-LH 2620-D 12 mm 95 g Details
ITS-LH 2620-Z 12 mm 95 g Details
ITS-LH 2924 12 mm 145 g Details
ITS-LH 3027 15 mm 225 g Details

Definition monostable frame solenoids

Monostable linear solenoids are electromechanical magnets with a linear direction of motion in which the plunger is locked into one of the two end positions. These solenoids magnetise the plunger so that it adheres to the final position on the magnet frame. This principle only works for DC solenoids.