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Frame Solenoids (standard)

Name Stroke Weight Datasheet
ITS-LS 1110b-Z 3,0-6,0 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LS 1110b-D 3,0-6,0 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LS 1310-D 3,0-5,0 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LS 1310-Z 3,0-5,0 mm 10 g Details
ITS-LS 1510-D 3,0-6,0 mm 18 g Details
ITS-LS 1510-Z 3,0-6,0 mm 18 g Details
ITS-LS 1613-D 5,0-9,0 mm 18 g Details
ITS-LS 1613-Z 5,0-9,0 mm 18 g Details
ITS-LS 1614-D 5,0-10,0 mm 33 g Details
ITS-LS 1614-Z 5,0-10,0 mm 33 g Details
ITS-LS 1916-D 4,0-9,0 mm 42 g Details
ITS-LS 1916-Z 4,0-9,0 mm 42 g Details
ITS-LS 2016A-D 8,0-11,0 mm 43 g Details
ITS-LS 2016A-Z 8,0-11,0 mm 43 g Details
ITS-LS 2522-D 6,0-10,0 mm 66 g Details
ITS-LS 2522-Z 6,0-10,0 mm 66 g Details
ITS-LS 2620A-D 14,0-24,0 mm 100 g Details
ITS-LS 2620A-Z 14,0-24,0 mm 100 g Details
ITS-LS 2924B-D 12,0-20,0 mm 147 g Details
ITS-LS 2924B-Z 12,0-20,0 mm 147 g Details
ITS-LS 3027-D 12,0-25,0 mm 205 g Details
ITS-LS 3027-Z 12,0-25,0 mm 205 g Details
ITS-LS 3830B-D 25-30 mm 317 g Details
ITS-LS 3830B-Z 25-30 mm 317 g Details
ITS-LS 4035-D 25-40 mm 530 g Details
ITS-LS 4035-Z 25-40 mm 530 g Details
ITS-LS 4137-D 20-30 mm 315 g Details
ITS-LS 4137-Z 20-30 mm 315 g Details
ITS-LS 5852-D 30-40 mm 1090 g Details
ITS-LS 5852-Z 30-40 mm 1090 g Details

We are manufacturer and distributor for Frame Solenoids. You can choose from many different solenoids. We can also design a customized special development for your project!

Please don´t hesitate to ask: +49 811-996799-65

Please also have a look at both variants of monostable frame solenoids and bistable frame solenoids.

D-frame solenoids are linear solenoids which look like the letter D. D-frame solenoids surround the coil like a frame.

The magnetic field travels from North to the South Pole in two of the four surrounded sides through metal. Higher grade D-frame solenoids are identifiable in that the frame is not assembled from individual parts but instead forms a closed shape with rounded corners.

D-frame solenoids are a good compromise between price, stability, performance and weight.

C-frame solenoids are linear solenoids which look like the letter C.

C-frame solenoids are the simplest and easiest design of linear solenoids. In general, C-frame solenoids are offered only in smaller sizes.

The magnetic field flows from the North to the South Pole through metal from only one of the four surrounding sides.

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