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Permanent Electromagnets

Name Haltekraft Weight Datasheet
ITS-PE-1010 3 N 15 g Details
ITS-PE-1212 15 N 20 g Details
ITS-PE-1515 25 N 40 g Details
ITS-PE-2025 45 N 70 g Details
ITS-PE-2529 120 N 100 g Details
ITS-PE-3529 300 N 200 g Details
ITS-PE-5029 500 N 300 g Details
ITS-PE-6329 960 N 700 g Details
ITS-PE-7045 720 N 1090 g Details
ITS-PE-8245 1900 N 1300 g Details

Definiton permanent electromagnets

These are high-quality holding magnets that normally cultivate their holding force without a current. The magnetism is neutralised via energisation.

Permanent electromagnets:

Permanent magnets or lifting magnets which shut off electrically are pure electric magnets without any mechanical force transmission. The name electric pull magnet comes from their effect: (magnetisable) material cling to these magnets. The magnetic effect occurs when there is flat contact with the end face of the magnet at its highest point. This effect decreases with increasing distance.