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Name Haltekraft Weight Datasheet
ITS-MSM-0605 1 N 10 g Details
ITS-MSM-1010 3 N 20 g Details
ITS-MSM-1212 10 N 20 g Details
ITS-MSM-1515 20 N 20 g Details
ITS-MSM-1811 45 N 40 g Details
ITS-MS-2015 20 N 25 g Details
ITS-MS-2520 60 N 50 g Details
ITS-MS-3025 100 N 130 g Details
ITS-MSM-3222 240 N 110 g Details
ITS-MS-4027 200 N 230 g Details
ITS-MS-5030 400 N 350 g Details
ITS-MS-5537 700 N 550 g Details
ITS-MS-7040 1200 N 800 g Details

High quality electromagnets with electromagnetic forces generated by holding force.

Electromagnets /pot magnets:

Electromagnets/pot magnets are electromagnets in a pot-form casing. With electromagnets/pot magnets, the coil and core are contained in a pot-like casing and are usually sealed with synthetic resin. The magnetic effect occurs when there is flat contact with the end face of the magnet at its highest point. This effect decreases with increasing distance.