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Electromagnets and actuators in action

To give you an idea of the practical applications of a typical electromagnet, we have created these special animations for you. Of course there are also other uses for electromagnets and actuators which is why we also developed a rough list for you.

Door Opener
Door Opener
Hose Pinch
Hose Pinch
Metal Jack
Metal Jack
Ejection System
Ejection System
Cogwheel Stopper
Cogwheel Stopper

Safety engineering and building technology

  • automatic door openers
  • entry authorisation
  • locking and release (unlocking) systems
  • door openers (continuously open)
  • cabinet locks, locker latch & release
  • access authorisation
  • post office boxes
  • shutting off
  • pass-throughs
  • card protection

Medical technology

  • hose clamp
  • hose pinch
  • flushing equipment

Sorting technology

  • banknote sorting
  • banknote counting
  • mail sorting facilities
  • chart sorting facilities

Energy technology

  • energy charging station
  • circuit breakers

Automation, handling, feeding and assembly technology

  • lifting
  • lowering
  • separating
  • locking
  • unlocking
  • stopping
  • opening
  • closing
  • vibrating

Core cavity drilling technique

  • metal boring machines
  • drill stand

Mailroom Management

  • enveloping mail
  • card mailing systems

Magnetic cards and smart card reader technology

  • contact pin lowering
  • vandalism protection
  • security

Measuring technology

  • beverage vending machines

Mounting technology

  • hinges

Kitchen technology

  • door locking and release (unlocking)
  • cookers