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Frame Solenoids (bistable)

Name Haltekraft Weight Datasheet
ITS-LX 1513 6 N 65 g Details
ITS-LX 2218 4 N 75 g Details
ITS-LX 2525 40 N 88 g Details
ITS-LX 2723 5 N 160 g Details
ITS-LX 3027 10 N 230 g Details
ITS-LX 3831 10 N Details
ITS-LX 3931 60 N Details

Definition bistable frame solenoid

Bistable linear solenoids are electromechanical magnets with a linear direction of motion in which the plunger is locked into each end position. This is achieved by equally dividing the coil more or less in the centre and by using the resulting gap as a permanent magnet.

In addition, the plunger is turned both in the front and back so that the respective end position has a flat lying surface on the magnet frame. The magnetic field of a permanent magnet flows over this surface, i.e. this is where the magnet magnetises. The magnetic bond is actually quite strong.

Bidirectional linear magnets are magnets with electromechanical direction of linear motion in which the plunger can be specifically controlled in one direction or the other.

Two-coiled bidirectional solenoids have two separate coils side by side. The plunger is pulled toward the energised coil. If the plunger has two protruding ends (as shown in the picture above), both ends are capable of pushing and pulling.