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Cylinder Solenoids

Name Stroke Weight Datasheet
ITS-LZ 1335-Z 3,0-9,0 mm 23 g Details
ITS-LZ 1335-D 3,0-9,0 mm 23 g Details
ITS-LZ 1642-Z 9,0-16,0 mm 47 g Details
ITS-LZ 1642-D 9,0-16,0 mm 47 g Details
ITS-LZ 1949-Z 10,0-18,0 mm 81 g Details
ITS-LZ 1949-D 10,0-18,0 mm 81 g Details
ITS-LZ 2560-Z 17-25 mm 181 g Details
ITS-LZ 2560-D 17-25 mm 181 g Details
ITS-LZ 3263-Z 20-25 mm 295 g Details
ITS-LZ 3263-D 20-25 mm 295 g Details
ITS-LZ 3869-Z 20-30 mm 500 g Details
ITS-LZ 3869-D 20-30 mm 500 g Details

Definition cylinder solenoids

Cylinder solenoids are linear solenoids. Solenoids are used only for DC operation. The magnet casing forms a substantially closed cylindrical shape. The magnetic field flows through metal from the North to the South Pole on all long sides.