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Quality assurance of electromagnets and actuators is a question of experience

RED MAGNETICS has more than 15 years of experience in the field of electromagnets and has managed to provide continuous quality to its customer base.

In addition to verifiable certificates, two very important company attitudes include small team communication and direct contact with our production facilities. Issues are resolved quickly and sustainably. Before a series production is manufactured, we always create test samples, zero series and perform laboratory tests to check all possible parameters.

Our demanding customers from different application areas regularly report that we "have done very good job."

We only work with certified partners for the production of electromagnets and actuators

To offer the best product for your particular project, we have spent many years working closely together with a few carefully selected and verified contract manufacturers alongside our own production. These selected companies in Germany, Europe and Asia are regularly tested and evaluated by means of audits. By maintaining this close contact, we are able to achieve continuous improvements in production, the company's processes and its quality. You'll notice this difference not only in our packaging and product appearance but also in our technology. Purchasing a RED MAGNETICS electromagnet or actuator is always a good decision!

Our claim for electromagnetics and actuators is your safety

To precisely secure all the details and requirements, you may always obtain a data sheet from RED MAGNETICS and update it with your specifications. These data sheets are always used as the basis for future production. That way, you'll be sure to have optimum product safety according to your specifications.

Technical thermography

High-resolution thermal images of custom-specified cylinder magnets and the associated PTFE coated plunger in the thermal analysis. Time and stress tests were performed under difficult operational conditions in the laboratory to prove maximum reliability even in difficult environments.

Specific examples

On the left, there is a conventional, electrically driven pot solenoid. To the right of the same solenoid, a holding solenoid model is conducted using electrical disconnection. This serves as visualisation of the temperature development in the operating cycle of 80% in /20% out.
Solenoids with electric lift of the holding force are always advantageous if predominantly temporary magnetic holding force is required. Only when this is turned off (or when the electric energy is removed from the holding force) can the power consumption be significantly reduced and the operating costs lowered. This is especially useful for battery-powered devices, if the waste heat must be kept low, or even in critical safety applications whereby a power failure could cause loss of the magnetic holding force.

Lamellar solenoids - operating at 230 V AC at 50/60 Hz.

The highest temperatures occur in these electromagnets not because of coil winding but due to eddy current losses in the armature (especially caused by geometry) on the contact surfaces of the armature and core.
Although the core and the armature are made of thin laminated disks which are electrically insulated from each other to minimize the losses as much as possible, the quality of the iron used plays a major role in terms of efficiency and power dissipation. Likewise, an intelligent overall design for adequate heat dissipation must also be provided. RED MAGNETICS has more than 15 years of experience in this field and as a manufacturer. It gives you the security that you need to provide reliable functioning systems to your customers even in difficult conditions.

(Info: this electromagnet weighs in at more than 2,5 kg with dimensions of 180 x 105 x 90 mm (LxWxH) and constitutes a slightly larger sample. The tractive force is 60 N at 30 mm stroke and can also be operated for applications which require greater strength.)