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Electromagnets Electromagnets



An electromagnet is a core of magnetic material (such as iron) surrounded by a coil of wire through which an electric current is passed to magnetize the core.

Weight: 800 g
Haltekraft: 1200 N
Anzugsplattendicke: 7 mm

Coil Data

Duty (%) 100
Power Drain (Watt) 24
Max. Duty (Seconds)

Solenoid Layout

12 VDC (standard)
24 VDC (standard)
other voltages on request

Special development

Sie wollen diesen Standardmagneten abändern (z. B. Abmessungen, Kräfte, usw …) dann senden Sie uns einfach dieses Formular: Checkliste (PDF, 390 kB)

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